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Kids deal with bullying daily in schools, at home and in their community. Parents, teachers and kids want the bullying to stop. It hurts everyone – the bully, the target and the bystander.

Bullying is a learned behavior. Everyone can also learn how not to bully. Our SchoolTime booklet provides tips to help kids deal with bullying – whether they are the bully, target or bystander.

Children learn behaviors – both good and bad. If parents do not teach their children positive actions and loving words, society may teach negative ones.

Positive social skills help kids deal with day-to-day events and problems, like bullying. These pro-social skills promote school success. positive relationships and a high self-image. Our SkillTime booklet provides reasons, steps, activities and tips for teaching basic pro-social skills that help kids reach their full potential.
Take a role in helping or lessening the effects of bullying behavior.
  • Discuss bullying. Know if your child is involved in bullying – as a bully, a target or a bystander.
  • Tell your child it is safe to talk to you about bullying.
  • Empathize – let your child know you understand and will help.
  • Teach positive life skills that build self-esteem and help your child cope.
  • Develop resiliency – for both you and your child.
  • Know your school’s policy on bullying and efforts to eliminate it at your child’s school.

Tip Sheets for Dealing with Bullying Behavior
Resiliency Booklet
Build resiliency skills to improve your ability to become strong, healthy and successful again after something bad happens.

Activity Sheet for pre-schoolers 
Other Resources
Bullying at school and online 

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