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You want to be a great parent – to love and care for your baby.

Our BabyTime booklet will help get you, your family and your baby off to a great start.

Use our Live, Love, Grow and Learn booklets to guide you as your baby grows and develops.

Our Ready in Stages checklists help you monitor your baby’s progress.

Read to your baby every day. Our Read to Your Newborn and Tips on How to Read to Your Baby in the NICU bookmarks provide helpful tips.

If your baby stays in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – NICU, he still needs you. Parents are an important part of the NICU team. Find tips and answers to some of your questions on our Caring for Your NICU Baby site. 

Having a baby is a life-changing event. Many mothers experience the “baby blues” for a few weeks. Some mothers, however, experience a Postpartum Mood Disorder which can be treated. Seek help and treatment early.
Motherhood is a learning process. Not all women feel the same after giving birth. Having a support system helps. Meet with other moms who feel stressed — whether it is struggling with feedings or trying to adjust to a new schedule.

Breast milk provides important nutrients for your newborn. Find valuable resources with breastfeeding at HSHS St. John’s Hospital Women and Infants Center. For a listing of breastfeeding support services and resources in central Illinois, download our Breastfeeding Support card.

Our tip sheets for parents of babies answer parenting questions. You can also call 217-544-5808 or 1-888-727-5889. We do not give medical, legal or spiritual advice.

Learn how Parent Help Line might help you. 

Early Learning
Growth and Development
Family Life with Baby
Charts and Checklists
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Make your baby’s first foods healthy. Early foods contribute to a life-long eating habits. Baby’s First Food
Baby's First Foods
Baby's First Food - A Healthy Start
Baby-Led Weaning
Do Babies Need to Drink Water?
Healthy and Flavorful Food for Your Baby
Lose Weight Safely After the Birth of Your Baby
Prepare Infant Formula Safely
Early Learning
Babies need loving touches, smiling faces, soft words, cuddles and play time.
Babies Learn from Reading Faces
Baby Sign Language
Cell Phone Use Can Impact Your Child's Learning
Parents Help Babies Reach Their Full Potential
Read to Your Newborn
Teach Skills to Be Resilient
The Parent Child Bond

Resiliency Booklet – Resiliency skills will help you thrive and survive as you face new challenges with parenthood.
Growth and Development
Help your child develop and reach full potential.
Baby’s First Steps
Babies Need Loving Touch and Cuddles
Confront Adversity with a Positive Attitude
Get to Know Your Newborn
Sleep Solutions for Babies
Tummy Time for Babies
What Makes a Family Strong
What We Can Learn from Caveman Parenting
Keep your baby safe – at home and away from home.
Be Aware of Poisons in Your Home
Crying Linked to Injury of Children
Kids Are Not Safe Alone in Cars
New Car Seat Guidelines
Prevent Medication Errors
Protect Your Family Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Stay in Control When Your Child Cries
Stay Safe During Tornado Season
Summer Food Safety Tips
Swaddle Your Infant Safely
Winter-Time Car Seat Safety
Fatherhood is a mix of joys and challenges. Take an active role in caring for your newborn – feeding, bathing, diapering, cuddling and playing. Your loving presence and actions give your child the confidence to meet life’s challenges.
Dad - Got a Minute? Give it to Your Kid
Dads of Newborns Need More Sleep
Dads Report Postnatal Depression
Dads Support is Critical to Breastfeeding Success
Dads Take on a New Hands-On-Approach to Parenting
Dads Your Baby Needs You
Wives Can Help New Dads Gain Confidence
Work-Family Conflicts for Dads
Make and keep regular visits to your baby’s primary doctor.
Are Infant Sleep Machines Safe?
Create Your Family Plan for Health and Well-Being
Moms Need More Sleep
Tips for Flu Season
Retinopathy of Prematurity
Family Life with a Baby
Learn what it takes to make your unique family strong and successful.
A Healthy Lifestyle Increases Resiliency
Avoid Common Mistakes When Caring For Your Newborn
Babies Need Resilient Parents
Focus on the Positive
Maternal Bliss is a Myth
New Baby Basics
Newborns Who Confuse Night and Day
Parent Infant Bonding
Positive Parent-Child Time
Reduce Household Waste
Resiliency - A Needed Family Trait
Working Parents Must Share Household Chores

Grandparents play a vital role in raising a happy and healthy family. The new family needs your love, wisdom, patience and support.
Grandparents Provide Needed Support for New Parents
GrandparentTime Booklet – Find tips to support the new family.
Charts and Checklists
My Plate USDA Food Recommendations 
Babysitter Checklist
Immunizations Birth to Age 6
Health History and Information
Look What Your Baby Can Do Checklist
The Road to Resiliency Chart 
Other Resources
American Academy of Pediatrics
Healthy Children
Building Blocks for Healthy Development
Dad Info
For Kids
Tips for Breastfeeding
Women, Infants and Children - WIC