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HSHS St. John's Hospital NICUMost parents expect the birth of a healthy baby.  However, every year almost one-half million babies require the care that only a NICU can provide.  

If the NICU is caring for your baby:

If you live 40 miles or more from Springfield, and, you need a place to stay while your baby is in the NICU, contact the Ronald McDonald House.  
Growth and Development
Family Life with Baby
Charts and Checklists
Other Resources
Growth and Development
Help your child develop and reach full potential.
Early Intervention - Community Resources
Early Intervention - Look What I Can Do
Read to your Newborn
The Parent-Child Bond
What Makes a Family Strong
Keep your baby safe – at home and away from home.
New Car Seat Guidelines
Take an active role in caring for your baby in the NICU. The nurses will help. 
Dads Report Postnatal Depression
Dads Support is Critical to Breastfeeding Success
Dads Take on a New Hands-On-Approach to Parenting
Wives Can Help New Dads Gain Confidence
Dads of Newborns Need More Sleep
Grandparents play a vital role in providing love and support to parents of a baby in the NICU. Help the parents at home so they can spend as much time with their baby as possible. Visit your grandchild - with the parents.
Grandparents Provide Needed Support for New Parents
GrandparentTime Booklet – Find tips to support the new family.

Our BabyTime section provides many other tips on parenting and caring for babies.
Other Resources
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Grandparents Association
Kids Health - when your baby's in the NICU
March of Dimes - becoming a parent in the NICU
HealthyChildren - common parent reactions to the NICU