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Every day, teens make decisions about school, friends, smoking, drugs and alcohol. A strong parent-teen relationship enables parents to be effective as they guide and discipline. Teens want and need a parent’s love, attention and guidance.

Teens welcome hearing “good job” when they make positive choices. After a bad choice, they need a parent to teach them how to make a better choice the next time.

It may be hard for you to stay calm and in control. Staying in touch with a teenager takes patience and planning. With effort, however, parents can maintain a close and positive connection with their teen and be the strong moral compass that will guide them to adulthood.

Look through tip sheets for parents of teens for answers to many of your parenting questions. You can also call 217-544-5808 or 1-888-727-5889. 

Learn how Parent Help Line might help you.

Family Life with a Teen
Charts and Checklists
Other Resources
Stock your home with healthy food for teens who often eat on the run.
Caffeine - Not a Good Choice for Kids
Decrease the Amount of Sugar in Your Family's Diet
Healthy School Lunches
Mindful Eating - A Healthy Approach to Food
Summer Weight Gain for Kids
Stress the importance of education as you help your teen discover interests, passions and life goals.
Do You Teach Soft Skills at Home?
Improved Sleep May Improve Behavior
Parents - Plan for School Success
Teach Skills to Be Resilient
Use Summertime to Prepare for Back to School
Watch your teen for unusual behaviors. Life stressors can affect your teen’s ability to study, cope and react.
Confront Adversity with a Positive Attitude
Good Stress and Bad Stress - Know the Difference
Know Your Teen’s Brain

Resiliency Booklet – Tips on how to teach and model essential resiliency skills that will help your teen cope and deal with setbacks and difficulties.
Find ways to stay involved with your busy teen. Enjoy moments together, knowing that in a few years she will off on her own.
Dad - Got a Minute? Give it to Your Kid
Dads: Help Your Child Deal with Bullying
Talk so Your Child Will Listen
Winter Time Holiday Fun
Work-Family Conflicts for Dads
Talk about risks, set boundaries and enforce rules. Stay connected as your teen gradually takes more control and you have less.
Can You Read Your Child's Text Messages?
Concussion: Know the Facts
Control Your Child's Online Access
Do Not Be Distracted When Walking and Running
Keep Kids Safe from Medical Marijuana
Prevent Medication Errors
Protect Your Family Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Stay Safe During Tornado Season
Summer Food Safety Tips
Make time to talk with your teen every day. Peers, activities and social media can interfere with parent/teen time together.
Choosing a Sport for Your Child
Common Sense Media
Cyberbullying - Protect your Teen
Facebook - Fun, Harmful or Both?
Hazing: What You and Your Teen Should Know
Help Your Child Communicate Online and Offline
How to Talk to a Coach
Raising Kids with a Global Mindset
Talk with Your Kids About Politics
Talk to Your Teens About Dating

Help your teen cope with life’s daily stresses. Teach ways to stay healthy.
Adderall Abuse Among College Students
Create a Family Plan for Health and Well-Being
Good Stress and Bad Stress - Know the Difference
Help Teens Avoid Mental Health Issues
Help Your Overweight Teen Get Fit
Help Prevent Type II Diabetes
JUUL - What Parents Need to Know
Know Your Sunscreen Ingredients
Problem Solving-A Resiliency Skill
Social Media Sites: Both Positive and Negative
Strength Training Tips for Teens
Talk to Your Teen about Organ Donation
Tips for Flu Season

Teens benefit from a loving relationship with their grandparents. Be there to listen and support. Call, visit and use social media to stay in contact.
Grandparents Have a Special Job
GrandparentTime Booklet – Find tips on how to support your teen’s parents.
Family Life with a Teen
Keep track of everybody’s work, school and activities so you can make plans for “family time” together.
A Healthy Lifestyle Increases Resiliency
Focus on the Positive
Help My Teen is in a Bad Mood
Letting Go As Your Teen Transitions to College
Make This Holiday More About Giving Than Getting
Make Your Fall Fun and Safe
Family Time Makes Teens Happy
Positive Parent-Child Time
Puzzles Are Good For Your Brain
Reduce Household Waste
Senior Year - Prepare Your Teen to Graduate
Take the Stress Out of Travel
Visit Your Local Farmers Market This Summer
Charts and Checkliss
Immunizations Age 7 - 18
My Plate USDA Food Recommendations 
Health History and Information
The Road to Resiliency Chart 
Other Resources
American Academy of Pediatrics
Healthy Children
Building Blocks for Healthy Development
Dad Info
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