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You are excited as your child learns to walk and talk. Your toddler is busy exploring. You may wonder what you can say to your active toddler besides, “No, no, no!”

What parents do and say develops a child’s self-image. Your loving positive words give a “You can do it” message. Every day you teach skills that will last a lifetime.

Use our Live, Love, Grow and Learn booklets and Ready in Stages checklists as a guide to help your toddler grow and develop.

Our tip sheets for parents of toddlers answer parenting questions. You can also call - 217-544-5808 or 1-888-727-5889.

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Growth and development
Early learning
Family life
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Children learn to eat healthy if you and others provide healthy food.
Caffeine - Not a Good Choice for Kids
Children Are What They Eat
Decrease the Amount of Sugar in Your Family's Diet
Help for Picky Eaters
Help Prevent Type II Diabetes
Make Eating Fun
Growth and development
Toddlers can be a handful. They look to you for what they should and should not do.
Confront Adversity with a Positive Attitude
Kids with Positive Social Skills Make Good Friends
Prepare Your Child for School
Puzzles Are Good For Your Brain
Teach Your Toddler to Get Along with Others
Teach Your Toddler Self-Help Skills
Train Your Toddler to Use the Potty
What Makes a Family Strong
What we Can Learn from Caveman Parenting
Early Learning
Let your daily loving words and actions teach.
Cell Phone Use Can Impact Your Child's Learning
Help Your Preschooler Learn to Read
Prepare Your Child for School
Reading – Have Fun While Learning
Resiliency - Teach and Model Resiliency Skills
Teach Skills to Be Resilient
If you do not teach your child positive behaviors, she may learn negative behaviors from others.
Are You’re a Permissive Parent?
Discussing Current Events with Young Children
Prevent Aggressive Behaviors in Toddlers
Hands are Not for Hitting Activity Sheet
Spanking - Not a Good Idea
Take Control of Biting Behavior
Teach Your Child How to Cooperate
Toddlers Must Learn Self-Control
When dads are positively involved, a child has better behavior, a higher self-esteem and greater chance for success in school and life. Find a parenting style that works best for you, your child and your family.
Dad - Got a Minute? Give it to Your Kid
Mom or Dad Alone-Time is OK
Summertime Fun with Dad
Talk so Your Child Will Listen
Winter Time Holiday Fun
Work-Family Conflicts for Dads
Keep your toddler safe at home and away from home. Keep a watchful eye and teach your toddler safe practices.
Be Aware of Poisons in Your Home
Bike Helmet Safety Coloring Sheet
Crying Linked to Injury of Children
Do Not Be Distracted When Walking and Running
Keep Kids Safe from Medical Marijuana
Keep Kids Safe from Bounce Houses
Keep Medications Away from Kids
Keep Your Toddler's Eyes Safe From Injury
Kids Are Not Safe Alone in Cars
Prevent Medication Errors
Protect Your Family Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Stay Safe During Tornado Season
Summer Food Safety Tips
Winter-Time Car Seat Safety
Make and keep regular visits to your child’s doctor.
Create Your Family Plan for Health and Well-Being
Know Your Sunscreen Ingredients
Moms Need More Sleep
Tips for Flu Season
Enjoy your grandparent role. Be a cheerleader as your grandchild delights in speaking new words and showing new skills.
Grandparents Have a Special Job
GrandparentTime Booklet – Tips to support the new family.
Family life with a toddler
Learn what it takes to make your unique family strong and successful.  
A Healthy Lifestyle Increases Resiliency
Common Sense Media
Distracted Parenting: Is Your Smartphone to Blame?
Focus on the Positive
Make Your Fall Fun and Safe
Mom or Dad Alone-Time is OK
Parents, Be Kind to Each Other
Positive Parent-Child Time
Reduce Household Waste
Resilience: A Needed Family Trait
Routines and Rituals Make Family Life Easier
Take the Stress Out of Travel
Things We've Learned from Mr. Rogers
Traveling with a Toddler
Visit Your Local Farmers Market This Summer
Working Parents Must Share Household Chores
Charts and checklists
My Plate USDA Food Recommendations 
Babysitter Checklist
Immunizations Birth to Age 6 
Health History and Information
Look What Your Baby Can Do Checklist
The Road to Resiliency Chart 
Other resources
American Academy of Pediatrics
Building Blocks for Healthy Development
Dad Info
For Kids
Women, Infants and Children - WIC