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One of a parent’s many roles is to prepare their child for kindergarten – for a life long journey of learning. You help her develop the skills she needs to start school and achieve success in life. Through every day experiences, you teach him new skills that develop positive behaviors.

Make sure your child is on track to start school with skills that promote success. Discover what she should master at each age. Our Live, Love, Grow and Learn booklets and Ready in Stages sheets provide guidelines and checklists.

Read our SkillTime and Resiliency booklets to learn why and how to teach pro-social skills that will help your child learn, cope with setbacks and make friends. Read Skillstreaming in Early Childhood: New Strategies and Perspective for Teaching Pro-Social Skills by Ellen McGinnis and Arnold Goldstein.

The Search Institute has studied strong families and found 40 assets that strong families share. These assets, as well as other positive parenting skills, are on their web page at
If you have questions or concerns, you can also call the Parent Help Line for support. Trained volunteers are available from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 365 days a year. Call 217-544-5808 or toll free 888-727-5889.

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